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Our Plumbing Journey and Commitment

At Dirty Plumber, we’ve been part of the Reno/Sparks and surrounding Washoe County community since 2004, starting our journey as Dr. Plumber before embracing our unique identity as Dirty Plumber in 2012. Despite the name change, our essence has always remained the same: a dedication to honest, fair service and quality plumbing work that stands the test of time. We’re based in Nevada, and deeply rooted in the local community. As a member of the Plumbers Union 350, we assure you that every plumber in our team is not just a technician but a craftsman, with the education and skill to ensure your plumbing needs are met with the utmost professionalism.

Our heart beats for all things plumbing, especially when it comes to keeping your water hot. Whether you’re eyeing a sleek tankless water heater or considering an energy-efficient boiler, we’re the folks to call. We’ve been navigating the ins and outs of tank, tankless, boilers, and hybrid systems long enough to know exactly what fits your needs. It’s not just about installation; we’re committed to making sure your setup is up-to-code and efficient, leaving you with nothing but satisfaction. From the bustling streets of Reno to the serene landscapes of Incline Village, our mission has always been to deliver quality and integrity you can trust, using the best systems the industry has to offer.


Change has been part of our story, but some things never waver – like our commitment to you. Transitioning to Dirty Plumber wasn’t just about a new name; it was a pledge to stand out, to be the first call you make when plumbing issues arise. Joining the Nevada Plumbers and Pipe Fitters Union 350 in 2022 was another step in our journey to bring you the most qualified, skilled hands in the business. Our plumbers come to your door with a smile, ready to deliver honest advice and exceptional service without the pressure of sales commissions. We’ve woven our story through every pipe and wrench in Northern Nevada for over two decades, aiming to be your first choice not just for hot water needs but for every plumbing project. At Dirty Plumber, we’re not just fixing leaks; we’re building lasting relationships, one pipe at a time.

plumber Washoe County, NV
plumber Washoe County, NV

Meet Our Team

Your Trusted Partner in Plumbing

At Dirty Plumber, We are grateful for our dedicated and skilled team of professionals, who contribute to the exceptional quality of our plumbing services. Our team members bring years of experience, industry expertise, and unwavering commitment to every project. We believe in personalized service, and our team embodies this commitment. Get to know the faces behind Dirty Plumber, the experts who ensure your plumbing needs are met with precision, care, and a smile. Discover the individuals who are here to serve you with integrity and excellence.

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